Mano Santa samba show

"MANO SANTA TEARS THE ROOM UP" -Jordan Levin, The Miami Herald-

“You know what happen when you put together the hottest afro-brazilian drumming, catchy lyrics, amazing brass melodies and spice it up with hip hop and electronic beats? The result is MANO SANTA: One of the most interesting fusion bands based in Miami currently.”
Bruaa!!!!! As one of Mano Santa's members said to The Miami Herald: We dont believe in stereotypes, we believe in multi-cultural, rich, big bottom music.

Unstoppable. Mano Santa can take over a place like a hurricane. Ocean Drive Magazine.

A power house band. Victor Lopez Danca, Sun Sentinel.



Mano Santa Samba Show
Also known as: hora loca/ samba dancers/ samba drummers/ carnival/ brazilian carnival/ crazy hour/ parade/ brazilian parade...

Mano Santa performs live in three different formats:

  • Drum/dance ensemble

  • Drum / dance encemble
    This option includes drummers by itself or drummers and dancers. Mostly performing live afro-brazilian beats as Samba- reggae, Funke, Maracatu or Samba enredo. A powerful 20 minutes set of tribal drumming and energetic dance by our beautiful female dancers that, from sound to look, will exihlarate the audience and invite them to participate and create a sensational brazilian carnival, disregarding what part of the world your event it's held at. No sound system is required for this act in most standard size rooms. Minimum of 5 drummers is our suggestion for indoor events and minimum of 6 is recommended for outdoors performances.
  • Live/Dj Format: Dj along Live Musicians

  • Drum / dance encemble
    This format is perfect for elegant evenings. Dance to the sexy beats or just enjoy it as background music on a select lounge atmosphere. The mix of live drumming, trumpet, saxophone or trombone with the electronic beats of a Dj is just sublime! This way you'll have it all: The Dj will perform the all evening non stop and the musicians will perform half hour sets. From a smooth jazz tune to a sexy electro latin beat "Mano Santa Dj/Live Format" would perform it all, engaging the crowd at all times, specially on the last set, when all the musicians, (including the Dj) will walk around with portable drums parading at the contagious sound of the drums. Call us to find out more details, check the videos below or go to our Quick Quote section!
    We are the pioneers of this kind of format in South Florida, we have been experimenting using Dj's with live musicians since 1998, (Bongos, congas, timbales, Brazilian drumming: Repinique, caixa, surdo, timbau, pandeiro, etc. as well as trumpet, sax, guitar, keyboard and violin).
  • Full band (wich includes singers, brasses, guitar and keyboards).

  • full band
    Basically, Mano Santa performs as a full band in theaters or night clubs with a big size stage, due to the number of members that reach up to 14, plus the dancers. The line-up is simple: To the basic drum ensemble we add the beautiful color of the wind section (sax, trompet and trombon), guitar, keyboards, bass and lead and back up singers. For longer shows and special performances, to enjoy Mano Santa to the fullest, the full band it's the way to go. All full band Mano Santa shows finishes with all the band members carring portable drums walking thru the crowd at the beat of amazing brazilian drumming as a parade, it's an unforgetable experience! Sound system is definetly required for this format.
Many costume options available (check pictures below):

 - All white
 - Tribal (leathers, body painting)
 - Red, yellow and green Mano Santa t-shirts
 - White Mano Santa t-shirts

 - All white
 - Tribal (leathers, body painting)
 - Red, yellow and green Mano Santa t-shirts
 - White Mano Santa t-shirts
 - Brazilian fantasias: shiny, colorful, magnificent high couture costumes, you choose the grade of sexyness
    (we have costumes wich cover more skin than others)





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Encantar (2010)

Mano Santa Tribal Journey


Divino Kilombo (2009)

Mano Santa Tribal Journey


Ojala (2008)

Mano Santa | Ojala CD cover


Tribal Journeys (2005)

Mano Santa Tribal Journey



MANO SANTA has participated in many important cultural and commercial events since was created:

  • MANO SANTA have the honor to participate on the latest Shakira's sinlge "Did it again", being also invited of a series of live shows, as part of the "She Wolf Promo Tour".
  • MANO SANTA has been air played in several television networks in North, Central and South America, some of them: UNIVISION, MTV, TELEMUNDO, NVC 6, TRAVEL CHANNEL, ABC, MEGA TV, TELE FUTURA, HBO, between others.
  • Toured to CANADA, HONDURAS, COSTA RICA, PUERTO RICO and several states of U.S.A.
  • On 2004/05 performed live at pop / hip hop sensation OUT KAST and PAULINA RUBIO'S private parties.
  • On 2007 played a sensational show at the opening night of the Carnival Center of Performing Arts performing live with latin diva GLORIA ESTEFAN.
  • Joined famous rapper/actor LUDACRIS for an explosive live presentation at the MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS 2005.
  • Performed live at the internationally known CALLE OCHO CARNIVAL, in Miami, 2006.
  • MANO SANTA was also featured on a GUINESS BEER TV COMMERCIAL!!
  • Participated on a breath taking live show at the WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE 2007, at South Beach, Miami.
  • Recently invited by the MIAMI PERFORMING ARTS CENTER to join internationally acclaimed pop brazilian star NANA VASCONCELOS.
  • Also collaborated with Grammy Award Winner producer, Sam "Fish" Fisher on many recording sessions.
  • On 2005 MANO SANTA joined at some shows platinum seller MARTHA RHAULIN, (BATE FORTE O TAMBOR)
  • MANO SANTA released in 2005 independently it's first album: "Tribal Jouneys 01", a juicy fussion of reggae, dub, afro brazilian grooves with a slight touch of electro urban flavors. yes! Mano Santa it's a juicy fusion, babe!
  • In this days we are working on our fourth record, called "Mistura Fina- to shake your rompompon", to be out on october 2010; an amazing new brazilian singer call Cezar Dealabama and other surprise guest are just part of the many reasons this new work will knock you up, stay tuned!

The full line up of Mano Santa includes:

Singers: Ali Massive, Cezar Dealabama + guests
Back up singers: Ma Nyanoubi, Lula De Oto, Marcelinha De Oliveira & all of us!
Percussion: Lucho, Kenneth Metzker, Indio Jackson, Allan Ramos, Jota Freire (ex Bacilos), Dele Edefemi, Raul Lira, Thiago Ribeiro, Reggie Pierre, Mamadi, Marcel Del Rio, Ari Cohen, Jero Velasco, Joelito, etc.
Keyboards: Sam "fish" Fisher.
Guitar: Martin Quaglia, Marcel Del Rio.
Sax, Trumpet and Trombon: Fernando Diez, Renoir Rodriguez & Lasim Richards.
Guest composer:
Christian Lopez Cane.
Dancers: Camila Da Silva, Heidy Torres, Alexandra Sissom, Renee Chavez, Marisol Blanco, Maria Alejandra Carpio, Marcelinha De Oliveira + lots of guest dancers.

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