Adrian “Entourage” Grenier´s Honey Brothers

Adrian Grenier's Honey Brothers

How many of you knew that the main character of the original HBO series Entourage, play drums on an indie rock band? Well, now you know, and If you are interested in hire this celebrity band to perform at your up coming private or corporate event, wherever you'r located at, please go to our section, send us your info and we'll be back to you with all the details. You can also call our main line @ 786.488.0217.

The Honey Brother's “seriously good rock and roll” (Paper Magazine) “manages to reference the country-tinged sensitivity of the Silver Jews, the summery harmonies of the Beach Boys and the zany weirdness of Ween.” (Village Voice)

The Honey Brothers formed about one dog year ago at ukulele fantasy camp in Requiem, Mass. They learned to harmonize by listening attentatively to the usual: Bill Munroe, gospel, early Wings recordings. They experimented lots: e.g. mastered the art of fa-so-la singing, advanced human beatbox technique in ways that have gone underappreciated to this day. Like many other bands they developed an “it”.

At some point they decided to take “it” to the streets of New York: in the hopeful months of early 3rd-millenium, a bit Mariachi style, they serenaded attractive homeless people and made many important contacts. More recently, Hoyt, Dorian, Dr. J Carl and “Fluffer” have been known to rock in “clubs of the night,” i.e. night clubs. They play, in no particular order: banjo, ukulele, electric guitar, and cowbell, and sing multi-part harmonies–often in tune.

If you listen closely to their album “Songs For Your Sister”, you can barely make out what sounds like a theremin under the layers of mellifluous music. Is it? You’ll have to check out the music for yourself to find out. (hint: it’s not.)


Glam ukulele rock that manages to reference the country-tinged sensitivity of the Silver Jews, the Beach Boys’ summery harmonies and the playful weirdness of Ween. ~ THE VILLAGE VOICE

Some seriously good rock’n'roll. ~ PAPER MAGAZINE

This New York quartet peddles savvy, glam-inflected pop songs written sideways – the hooks are all there, but in the strangest places – and played on ukuleles. ~ Kurt B. Reighley, THE SEATTLE STRANGER

The New York-based band of brothers offered up and infectious blend of zany country-tinged power pop (think of Ween meets Weezer circa the Blue Album). On their debut mini-tour, The Honey Brothers proved to be every bit as bodacious as they set out to be. Among an oft listless crowd of San Francisco hipsters, the Brothers managed to get more than a few arms uncrossed and clapping. ~ Christina Troup, THE OAKLAND TRIBUNE

By now you might be thinking, “why isn’t this stupid writer bitch talking about The Honey Brothers’ amazing music so I can decide whether I want to attend the concert or not?”… I just want to see that hot guy Vince sweating over the drums. ~ Katie Shimer, THE PORTLAND MERCURY

“The Honey Brothers defy expectations by not sucking.” ~ Jed Gottlieb, THE SAN DIEGO CITY BEAT

On The old EP “Honey 4 U”
This EP is unbelievable! Combining the zaniness of Ween with hooks worthy of Blue Album-era Weezer (the hilarious and unstoppable therapy pop — you’ll see — of “Some of Them Are Nice Days”), the Honey Brothers launch a ukulele-driven mish-mash of Hawaiian back woods, indie glam rock. “Little Boy” is earnest and odd, like 60s country meets the White Stripes jangle-y, down home Appalachian cousins. “Drunkard’s Lament” is actually an old-time traditional cautionary tale (think the Harry Smith Folk Anthologies). Finally, “Ze Last Drag” is like Beck doing Serge Gainsbourg — yes, amazing, and “Coney Island (I Am Yours)” is a curious Grandaddy-like pop number. Somebody sign these guys, we need a full-length. ~ Charles Spano, STATUS Magazine

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