Taiko Rev

Japanese model type performers WATER DRUMMING on L.E.D DRUMS
A fifteen minute performance with original music, choreography and wardrobe.
luciano stazzone
Production and Music by Luciano Stazzone.
Choreographed by Bianka Gonzalez.
Dancers: Ng and Bianka.
Drums built by ARTFORM Danny de la Fe.
Video by Dreams Multimedia.
TAIKO REV 2013 All rights reserved
Watch video here> http://youtu.be/XdhbCpnl4Pw

Taiko Rev

CAPOEIRA ELECTRONICA interdisciplinary percussion/dance/theater performance

> Using L.E.D. lighted drums and non-conventional percussive instruments////// > Tradition meets future on this eclectic piece//////> Recycled plastic cans and barrels are our drums as well as aluminum lids////////> CAPOEIRA ELECTRONICA is performed by 4 drummers, 3 capoeira players and 4 female dancers with aluminum skirts////// > It could be performed from 11 to 5 performers//////> All dancers and capoeira performers play percussion as well///////

Our L.E.D lite drums change colors (remotely operated, many color options)////////
luciano stazzoneSound check before conference at Diplomat Hotel


CAPOEIRA ELECTRONICAs conceptual creators and directors Indio Jackson and Luciano Stazzone have played percussion along international stars like SHAKIRA, GLORIA ESTEFAN, CHRISTINA AGUILERA, RICKY MARTIN, AKON and LUDACRIS, just to name a few.

CAPOEIRA ELECTRONICA has been created to perform at:


CAPOEIRA ELECTRONICA delivers the excitement and energy of Off-Broadway hits like "Stomp" and "Blue Man Group" but with completely original material, sound and esthetic. With original high-energy music and choreography, this new production promises to be soon among the best in the business.
luciano stazzone
luciano stazzone
What is unique about CAPOEIRA ELECTRONICA is the intelligent mix on Afro-Brazilian folklore with electronics and recycled drums. Their original music, state of the art L.E.D lighted drums, capoeira performers and female dancers will take audiences on a audio-visual journey they will never forget.

CAPOEIRA ELECTRONICA has created a number of novel hi--tech percussion instruments, which are used in their performances.

For bookings call 786-488-0217 or go to REQUEST A QUOTE section.

CAPOEIRA ELECTRONICA 2013 all rights reserved
Watch video here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8n-mp-3fd4&feature=c4-overview&list=UUokmO--OfbJJSfXrA87dTtg

Taiko Rev

We have developed two different lines of L.E.D lite drums: INDUSTRIAL LINE and CLEAR ACRYLIC LINE. Female and male drummers available for this innovative high energy production. Normally hired to play along Djs music tracks. Surprise your guest with this top of the line act. Standard 15 minute sets. Customizing available///
luciano stazzone

Taiko Rev

We can provide any amount of drums and technical support for any situation. Either you are planning a world tour with your band or a small private event, we have the right L.E.D drums for your project. Big drums: Surdos or Taikos. Mid size drums: Congas, toms or timbales. Small drums: bongos. We have classified them in two different lines differentiated by their look and sound:

- On the INDUSTRIAL LINE our drum lights are on at all times, changing colors and patterns as desired, all remotely controlled.
luciano stazzone
-On the CLEAR ACRYLIC LINE lights are only triggered when drums are hit, creating a dramatic rhythmic effect.
luciano stazzone
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