Original Scoring

luciano stazzone

Creativity, imagination, fantasy and drama, are all fundamental elements on a Original Scoring (Music written specifically for a theatrical piece or movie). It is a language that describes and represents our emotions, magic moments and states of mind. Urban Tribal Project's team of composers have the musical diversity that allows us to create music for any specific situation; any kind of story, whether is film or theatre, tv or radio. Music has an amazing impact on audiences, when it goes along well with the visual content , the history and the message intended.



The Red Thread
Brief compilation of this Original Score. Music written to the 2011 theatrical version.

The Love of Three Oranges
Brief compilation of this Original Score. Music written to the 2010 theatrical version.

Inanna & The Huluppu Tree
Brief compilation of this Original Score. Music written to the 2009 theatrical version.

A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings
Brief compilation. Original music created to the 2007 version of the Novel Prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez short history, adaptation by Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz, directed by Stephanie Ansin, another one of The Playground Theatre's productions. Music and Sound Design by Luciano Stazzone and the Urban Tribal Project team.

Alice's Adventures In Wonderland
Brief compilation. A revisited version of the classic. Original music and sound design to this theatrical production by Urban Tribal Project.

Adventure theme


Sad child

Solving the dilemma


Romantic entrance

Fusion India-Brasil (commercial)

Before sunrise


Sun salutation

Note: Since this music scores were written to theatrical productions, due to actors union regulations we cannot share video footage, the only available Images of live performances are this pictures.

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Mano Santa | Divino Kilombo CD cover
The Red Thread
A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
Adrian Grenier's Honey Brothers
Inanna and the Huluppu Tree
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland